-Due:  Annotated Bibliography Post #4:  (please copy and paste the text below into your blogpost and fill it in)

Part 1:  Book: _a river runs through it___________  Pages: __11_ to __60_     Due Date:  12 Nov

– Here, write a two paragraph (a paragraph being 5-7 sentences) summary or response to your reading

well so far, i love this book. it kind of reminds me of my family, also mostly of me and my brother. we go fishing at our cabin by our selfs all the time we love it. Now in the book, they started to more into the lives of the 2 brothers. one brother is richer then the other. and one is a kind of gambler, drinker, and street fighter, but is the better fisherman.

the richer brother, paul, i think it was, says that his brother is a true pro, he can catch fish no matter what, always know exactly where the are. but always gets him self into troble with the law. he has also resently crashed his car and cant fix it becouse he dosent have any money.

Part II:  Write your academic plan for the following week.  Please include:

– Number of pages you plan to read (and it needs to be a good-sized chunk)

im planing on reading from 60- 100 in the next week.

– A one paragraph (5-7 sentence) statement that answers the following 3 questions:

1.  How is the reading going?  Too easy?  Too difficult?  Somewhere in between?

2.  What does your reading make you want to learn more about?

3.  Do you have any ideas for a short or long-term project that you’d like to accomplish based on what you’re reading?  Or, can you list one or two other books you’re thinking of reading?

well, it is a bit hard for me but im getting through it. the reading makes me want to go fishing and learn some new techniques that they menchin in the book. like casting into a bush, i never thought that was posible but, i guess it is. well, i havent really thought about it quite that much, im just trying to get my book done first. i also mite need some suggestions 😛 its harder for me when you say you can pretty much do what ever, i do better haveing a set thing to do, like a poster board, revue, or power point.