-Due:  Annotated Bibliography Post #6:  (please copy and paste the text below into your blogpost and fill it in)

Part 1:  Book: __a river runs through it______  Pages: _90__ to _finish__     Due Date: 6 Dec

– Here, write a two paragraph (a paragraph being 5-7 sentences) summary or response to your reading.

i only read about 10 pages so there really isnt much to talk about. paul dies. and they pretty much talk about the family and how they miss him. the dad and brother always talk about how he could out fish ANYBODY no matter if they have already fished the hole or not. his dad loved watching him fish. he said it was almost like he was being controled by a motor. like he was electric.

they dont know how paul died. the know it was a fight. but they dont know if he started it, or was trying to stick up for him self. they know he hit the guys so hard that all the bones in his hand broke. the other brother grows old, and fishes the waters by him self. but always know his brother is right there watching him. and trying to teach him the ways he fished the big blackfoot river.

Part II:  Write your academic plan for the following week.  Please include: im not sure :/ find a new book i guess?

– Number of pages you plan to read (and it needs to be a good-sized chunk)………..

– A one paragraph (5-7 sentence) statement that answers the following 3 questions: the reading g was just right. i loved the book it was just so much like my family, well a lot of it was. the reading this week makes me want to learn more about the big blackfoot river. and maybe eventualy go and fish it. i also want to read ski the 14ers. i know about half of it is pictures, but i looked through it at REI when i was getting my ski pass and there is a good 200-250 pages of reading in there. so i mite just try to get that book.

1.  How is the reading going?  Too easy?  Too difficult?  Somewhere in between?

2.  What does your reading make you want to learn more about?

3.  Do you have any ideas for a short or long-term project that you’d like to accomplish based on what you’re reading?  Or, can you list one or two other books you’re thinking of reading?