My basic goal is to learn about: My main goal is to lear the 10 biggest mistakes smart and rich people make. why do they make these mistakes? what causes them to make these big mistakes?

My second priorites are: find some one with is smart and welthy, and see if they have made any mistakes the book mentions.


By may of 2011, id like to have atleast 5 big mistakes smart and welthy people make, why they make them, and if it is posible to stop making these mistakes, or if there habits.

A more immediate goal for 10 biggest mistakes smart and welthy people make is that i want to have reasonably clear and supportible options aboout the following questions:

1. well, what is the biggest mistake smart people make?

2. why do smart people make more big money mistakes when there suppost to be smart?

3. what parts of the brain make these big money mistakes?

4. why dose money have to be involved in these mistakes?

5. how do we know that all smart people make mistakes with there money?

6. what is the difforence between peoples brains who are welthy and nonwelthy?

7. is there a way we can we change this?

8. if so how can we change it?

9. dose our goverment make any of theses “big money mistakes”?

10. what mistakes did our goverment make?

1. why smart people make big mistakes

a.thomas gilovich

b. jan 12, 2010

c. non fiction

d. this book is about what some of the big mistakes smart rich people make and why.

e. larry, gave the book 5 stars and said it makes you think if your makeing those mistakes.

f. i have not order this book yet, but this is one of the books i will perchase over break.

2. why smart people make big money mistakes

a. gary belsky

b. april 1, 2008

c.non fiction

d. this book tells many big money mistakes smart people make, why, and how to fix them.

e.professer donald mitchell, book list.

f. i also have not perchased this book. but will also get this one over break.

3. the myth of the rational market: a history of risk, reward and delusion on wall street.

a. justin fox

b. jun 9, 2009

c. non fiction

d. it tells how over time our goverment has made mistakes with either money, or something that should have been a no brainer.

e. most were MBA students. there were no reviews from book list or anything, but there was 79 good reviews of this book.

f. i havent perchased this book. i havent look far enough in to it to want it yet, so this maybe one that i dont get.

4. your money and your brain.

a. jason zweig

b. september 16, 2008

c. nonfiction.

d. it tells how you can save money daily.

e. book list, publishers weekly

this book seems like it will have some more info about money and your brain so im hoping to get this book.

5. behavioral finance and wealth management.

a.michael m. pompian

b. april 7 2006

c. non fiction

d. how to behave when it comes to spending money, and how not to get carred away with spending.

e. product discription, from the inside flap.

f. this is another book i havent looked far enough into that i want it. so this is the other book i probley will not get.

6. what investors really want.

a. meir statman

b.october 26, 2010

c. Non fiction

d. how investors really dont do the right thing, they just do it for the money.

e. hary markwitz

f. this book seems interesting to see how our money actuly goes to waist. i will get this book over christmas break.

7. snap judgement

a. David D. Adler

b. june 19, 2009

c. non fiction.

d. how to avoid bad judgment, and how to use good judgment.

e. publishers weekly, harry markwitz

f. i havent look far into this book, but when you looked at it you said it was a realllllllyyyy good book about my topic so, ill take your word and get it over break.

8. Being wrong

a. Kathryn Shulz

b. jan 4, 2011

c. non fiction

d. it gives detail in why we make mistakes, how simple it is to make mistakes

e. publishers weekly, booklist

8. the invisable gorilla.

a. christopher chabris

b. may 18, 2010

c. non fiction

d. how our minds trick us into doing things we think are right, but really arent.

e. publishers weekly

f. i thought this book would be good about my topic, but its more about just mistakes in genaral. so this is one book i wont get.

10. self comes to mind

a.Antonio Damasio

b. november 9, 2010

c. non fiction

d. how your brains are constructed, and why we make all these mistakes.

e. publishers weekly.

f. this is another book you seemed to like and that means its a good book, so im going to try to get this one in the next 2 weeks.