This I Believe

I believe that skiing is not a boring sport, or  sport for “old people”.  When people say the word “skiing”,  they think of down hill and GS ( giant slalom). You know… the type of skiing that is in the Olympics. There is alot more to skiing than that,  my friends. A type of skiing that isn’t too competitive, like GS and down hill is slope style and BC (back country). Most people would say “whats that?!”  Well, I’ll tell you; slope style is a new type of skiing. This skiing includes huge jumps and rails. You fly off jumps doing tricks, and grind rails.             BC skiing is short  for back country skiing. If you don’t know what back country skiing is;  it’s skiing that takes place in waist high powder, hucking off of huge 40 foot cliffs, and just kicking around on skis having a good time. Also, it’s too steep for a chair lift to get up, so you have to take a cat, or a heli.      Now snowboarder guys… you think skiing is just for old people now? and it is boring? I dont think so.. I have nothing against snowboarding. In my opinion,  skiing is better because you can go higher, faster, deeper, and cooler. Higher in the air, faster down the slope, deeper in the powder, and have cooler tricks.

        In the 2010 Winter Xgames, Bobby Brown won 2 gold medals  for slope style and big air competion. He knew it would be tough going against guys like TJ Shiller, Jossi Wells, and Andraus Hadvite…. all big time competitors in the Winter Xgames. He believed in him self, and walked out with 2 wins. He won  “big air” while throwing something never  thrown before;  a switch double misty 1440. and wins it……… pretty amazing.

      Skiing can also be very dangerous.  CR Johnson and Shane Mcconkey,  were 2 very amazing skiers.  Shane died March of 2009, CR died Feb 21, 2010. They both had a huge passion for skiing,  and never gave that up. Shane died skiing/ base jumping.  He couldnt release his skis. When he did,   it was too late…. he had hit the ground. CR had a nasty crash in 2006 putting him in a coma for 2 weeks.  He had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat again. Believe it or not,  skiing came back to him twice as fast as anything else did.  After 2 years of recovery he was back to his skiing career. That next year,  he had another nasty crash at Squaw Valley.  This time. he didn’t make it. They both will be missed,  and the skiing world will not be the same without them.